Admission can be effected by oneself, or through a referral source (e.g., a doctor, lawyer, clergyman, or a family member).

Admission begins with an interview with an intake counselor, to discuss Vitanova’s mission, philosophy, and treatment program, and answer any questions.  This interview will be followed by one with the Executive Director.

In order to design a treatment plan to meet the client’s individual needs, it is essential that he/she be assessed in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, behavioral and lifestyle functioning.  This assessment may involve the completion of one or more tests.  An initial treatment plan will then be formulated based on this assessment, subject to appropriate amendments by the primary counselor assigned to the client, in consultation with other staff members.

At admission, clients are asked to sign a urine-testing agreement.  They are also given a medical report form, to be completed by a family physician prior to admission, along with a copy of our Clients’ Handbook.  It is a requirement of admission that the client (and his/her next of kin, if requested by the intake counselor) read this handbook in its entirety prior to admission, and sign the acknowledgement on the last page—indicating that the handbook has been read; that the rules and regulations it contains are understood and will be abided by; and that the client will accept any consequences for the failure to do so.  Upon admission the client must present the handbook, so that a photocopy can be taken of the signed acknowledgement, for inclusion in a case file.

Clients handbook revised May 2015