The Vitanova Foundation is active in the local community, offering a range of services designed to inform, educate, and assist the general public in various ways about what we do. These include:

  • Education for prevention in schools, workplaces, churches, service clubs
  • Presentations to probation/parole officers, other agencies
  • Providing speakers on behalf of the United Way, of which Vitanova is a member.
  • Participation in public forums, symposia, workshops, etc.
  • Contributions to academic and community publications
  • Employee assistance

A recent addition to these services is our collaboration with five other mental health and addiction agencies, to offer jointly opioid community treatment programs, including outreach to identify those in need of such services. Our collaborators are Addiction Services of York Region (the lead agency on this project), Caritas School of Life, The Krasman Centre, Across Boundaries, and Black Creek Community Health Centre.

For more information on any of the above, give us a call.

One last point: towards the end of each summer, when our grounds are looking their very best, we hold a special event, known generally as SUMMERFEST. While it includes music and other entertainment, and lots of stuff for kids, it is in effect an OPEN HOUSE, with tours of the premises and councillors available to answer any questions. Of course, we do welcome visitors all year long and are always ready to answer questions.