Daily Group Therapy

Group meetings take place every day, Monday through Friday, and are attended by all clients who must arrive no later than 9 a.m. The group process is a powerful and effective form of therapy, a learning and growing experience for everyone.

The basic rule of group therapy is that participants put into words the feelings and thoughts that come to consciousness during group sessions, regardless of how ridiculous, frightening, or embarrassing they may seem. It is necessary for clients to continually remind themselves of this basic rule, and that this is not a customary social situation. People are not in group therapy to meet new friends, nor even to have enjoyable discussions. They join a therapeutic group to help themselves, by learning how and why other people react to them in the way they do and how they react to others. Any opinion or impression a participant has is valid and should be aired freely, providing it is not disruptive of the overall process.

NOTE: In joining a group, clients assume the responsibility of holding in the strictest confidence any knowledge gained during group sessions about any other members of the group. Nothing that is said during a session may be repeated to anyone outside the group, nor to any member of the group outside the actual meeting.  If there is something left unsaid to another member of the group at one session, it is best brought to the next session, or discussed it in private with a counselor present.