In recent years, Vitanova has been operating a mental health program targeting the children of its clients, as well the children of substance users residing in the local community but not participating in Vitanova’s treatment program.  Funding for the service comes from the Royal Bank of Canada.

Services include both the individual counseling of the children and family sessions. The goal is to offer support to children in understanding their parent’s addiction by allowing them to communicate their feelings in a safe and trusting environment. Services can be provided prior to a parent entering treatment, during the treatment process, or after discharge; and they run the gamut from crisis intervention to long-term outpatient counseling for up to two years.

When necessary and appropriate, these clients can and are referred to mental health agencies for assessment and counselling.

The positive outcomes for children include feeling less anxious, improved family communication and interaction, positive peer interaction, enhanced confidence and self-esteem, and greater academic success.

The positive outcomes for parents include the development of healthier role modeling on their own part and better lifestyle choices for their children, less conflict and stress, and open and honest communication with their children and family members.

For more information, contact our Program Director, at 905 850 3690, extension 231, or at