6299 Rutherford Road,Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 1A7

If you have any comments or questions about Vitanova, feel free to contact us.

Main telephone number: 905-850-3690

Email: info@vitanova.ca

Fax: 905-850-3835


Franca Damiani Carella /info@vitanova.ca Executive Director 222

Pierina Minna/ pierina.minna@vitanova.ca Executive Assistant 225

Tina Cyr/ tina.cyr@vitanova.ca Residential Services Coordinator 221

Christina Poma/ Reception 226

Cindy Cepparo/ cindy.cepparo@vitanova.ca Program Director 231

Cosimo Schiafone/ cosimo.schiafone@vitanova.ca Addiction Support Worker/Facilities Manager 229

Lurdes Jesus/ lurdes.jesus@vitanova.ca Intake Coordinator/Addiction Counsellor 224

Lia Falzon/ info@vitanova.ca Art Therapist 905-850-3690

Rosanna Di Rosa/ rosanna.dirosa@vitanova.ca Addiction Counsellor 227

Jessica Malynyk jessica.malynyk@vitanova.ca Addiction Counsellor 243

Christina Simonetti Addiction Counsellor 228

Joanna Charmet Ext. 235

Lino Di Nardo Ext. 230

David Mancini Ext. 236

General mailbox: info@vitanova.ca

Main telephone number: (905) 850-3690

Alternate number: (416) 744-8940

Weekends – Extension 224 or 229

Overnight – Extension 223

Click on the link below to view and download volunteer application.

VNF Volunteer Application