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A Bit of Background

Vitanova has many historical links to the City of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. 
The meeting of April 23, 1987—at which it was decided to create a non-profit corporation  and charity to address the issue of substance abuse in the local community—took place in the offices of VitaSana/The Family Health Magazine, at 3300 Steeles Avenue West, in the area in Vaughan known as Concord.
Shortly thereafter, VitaSana moved to 10 Director Court, Woodbridge, from which offices the very first Vitanova fundraiser was organized—an operatic concert featuring soprano Maria Pellegrini, held at York University’s Burton Auditorium.
By 1989, counselling groups were being run from a bungalow, now demolished, at 7720 Kipling Avenue, just south of Highway 7, in Woodbridge.
In June 1990, Vitanova moved to 90 Winges Road, Woodbridge, to an 11,000 sq. ft. space, enough to accommodate offices, meeting rooms, a small gymnasium, a kitchen and ceramic workshop.
In 1995 Vitanova moved to its present location, the subject of this plaque.

The Grounds

Set on eight acres of rural land on the edge of  Woodbridge, in the City of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, a former 17,000 sq.ft. residence now houses Vitanova’s offices, meeting rooms, 34-bed shelter, indoor pool, gymnasium, and more. Most of the property is open space—rolling lawns, playing fields, a vegetable garden, and wooded areas beside a creek, along with barns, and a bocce court. The overall impression is one of peace and quiet.

Chapel, Meditation Room and Program Space

This latest addition to the Vitanova campus is a building housing a chapel, a separate meditation space, and, at the lower level, program space serving women only, and especially women with minor children, to be launched later this year.

Fountain of Grace

The Fountain of Grace was the gift of nearly thirty construction-related companies based in the Greater Toronto Area. The project was the idea of Frank Aquino of Aquicon Construction, and was completed in 2003, serving ever since as the focal point of our “front yard”, the three or so acres between our main building and Rutherford Road.

Bocce Court

The bocce court, located just behind the main building and near to the east side of the property, was the gift of the Maxey Valley Bocciofila Club, one of the oldest such clubs in Woodbridge. Its then-president, Mario Iacobelli, headed up the project from start to finish.

Vegetable Garden

This being Canada, a vegetable garden is a seasonal project, but one that has always proven successful year over year. Thank you to the many experienced vegetable gardeners who have taught and mentored our clients in this important art and science.

Volleyball Court

The volleyball court was a project of a number of clients a few years ago, and gets a great deal of use every year, once the weather warms up.


Soccer Pitch

The soccer pitch, located on the front lawn, features an illuminated sign reading “COURAGE”. It is meant to inspire those who play the beautiful game, as well as those who may from time to time find themselves struggling with their recovery.

Open Space

There is a lot of open space at Vitanova, a feature that encourages clients’ appreciation of the natural environment and contributes, we believe, to recovery.

Accessibility Features

An external elevator, adjacent to the parking lot on the west side of the property, links all three floors for those needing added accessibility to the main building.

Future Plans

This campus plan—dating from 2002 and featuring the initial proposal for a fountain opposite the principal entrance to the main building—gives a sense of the size of the property and uses to which various areas may be put in future.

Women’s Centre

Another long-held dream is of a separate residential treatment centre for women, where services can be provided to mothers who, because of the tender age of their children, are reluctant to be separated from them while pursuing recovery.





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